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Anonymous asked: Do you and Brittney Underwood really date

Um…this is run by a bunch of teenage girls? So…no I/we do not date Brittany Underwood :)

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Hollywood Heights- Episode 81. I was bored, tell me what you think.

Loren Tate stepped off the stage, feeling like a rock star. She just rocked her first New York concert, and if she had any doubts about herself, the roaring audience got rid of them for her. She ducked backstage and Nora and Mel pounced on her, squealing.

"My baby’s a star!" Nora shrieked, clutching her tighter.

"I knew she would be! And I got it all on tape," said Mel from behind her camcorder.

"It was incredible. I wasn’t nervous at all, it felt like I belonged on stage," Loren sighed. Her eyes soon landed on the one and only, Eddie Duran. He was leaning back in a chair with a mile wide smile on his face. He looked at her like she was made of gold.

"So," she approached him, "what’d you think?"

"You might be putting me out of a job soon," he purred. He caressed her hands but didn’t stop staring at her. He wouldn’t even break his gaze long enough to blink. He was either on drugs or hopelessly in love.

"You were incredible! That performance was unbelievable! The crowd loved you!" Kelly burst in, unintentionally ending the moment. "With a few changes, I see you closing the Grammy’s by the time January rolls around."

"Really?! You think that could happen?!" Loren exclaimed, but Kelly had her head buried into a clipboard.

"Of course," Eddie answered for her, rising from his chair. He wrapped his arms around Loren and kissed her on the cheek. "But you don’t need to change a thing. You’re perfect," he added, glaring at Kelly, who was still mentally checked out. 

"Loren!" Jake walked in, joining the gang. "Great performance. It’s hard to believe you’re the same girl who fainted on us during your first concert." Loren smiled, slightly embarrassed. "Well, we’ve got a flight in less than two hours, so we better get packing. Los Angeles, here we come!"

After packing their bags, Loren, Nora, Mel, and Eddie met up with Jake and Kelly at the airport. Smiling and talking, they all continued towards their gate and almost collided straight into Chloe Carter.

Despite the fact that she dropped her charges on Eddie, allowing him to reunite with Loren, they knew better than to trust her. After all, the charges were complete lies in the first place. Chloe was living, breathing proof that looks, even model quality looks, can be deceiving. With her long blonde hair draped over a pink cashmere sweater and True Religion skinny jeans tucked into brown leather riding boots, she looked like a beautiful nightmare.

"Eddie," she cooed, but he interrupted.

"What are you doing here?" Eddie demanded. He was through with her games.

"I’m moving," Chloe stated. "To New York. Hollywood was a little too… toxic for me. So I’m starting a new life here."

"By yourself?" Eddie questioned.

"I don’t really have another choice," she confessed, looking down. "I’ve pretty much driven everybody in my life away." She looked up at Eddie and smiled. "I’m doing a runway show a week from Friday." She stroked his arm and added, "You should come."

"I don’t think so. Have a nice life in New York." Eddie hissed, before grabbing Loren’s hand and guiding her away.

"I don’t know what he sees in that little girl," Chloe whispered to herself in shock. "But whatever it is, I’m going to kill it."


Awwww, he’s as cute as he is now.

Did anyone notice..

That Eddie gave Loren the same speech his mom gave him when he was entering the music biz!I thought that was soo adorable and sweet!

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What I Expected From Tonight


Eddie & Loren to be all:

And Chloe all:

And Phil being all:

And Adrianna being all:

And Max & Nora being all:

And Lisa being like this to Mel:

And Tyler being all:

And Adam being like this to Mel:

And then Gus in pain like this:

And then me fangirling like this: